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[Royal Blue] CPBA Pro Grade Worsted Pool Table Cloth – Fast Speed High Accuracy Pre-Cut Bed and Rails



CPBA Competition Grade Cloth



CPBA Pro Grade Worsted Pool Table Cloth – Fast Speed High Accuracy Pre-Cut Bed and Rails

·         Worsted or woolen cloths? There is definite difference in the ball rolling speed and precision between worsted and napped woolen billiards cloths. CPBA Pro Grade high quality worsted blend billiard cloth is the one can maximize your playing experience with the best value on the market.

·         Our worsted cloths offer the best performance and durability. Precision worsted in every inch to assure balls can roll straight with a consistent speed and of course every cushion bank shot has to be accurate. Play like you mean it!

·         High thread counts not only results in long lasting wear but also prevents penetration of dirt and chalk. CPBA Pro Grade billiard cloths have been officially used in many international tournament games since 1998.

·         The package comes with a pre-cut bed and 6 rails for your convenience.  CPBA Pro Grade Made for Pro players, Components: 80% wool 20% Nylon. 100%. Pure Australian Wool. Do not shed, peel or fluff. Nap-free. 24 oz per linear yard. Long lasting durability, great for commercial or home use.

·         CPBA team have been working with many billiard pro players and understand their needs for the right billiard cloth. We took years to develop and had made many adjustments. We also have the most modern machinery to help us achieving our goal. If you have the experience with Simonis 760/860, CPBA Pro Grade cloth will not let you down. Let us know what you think, and we will continue to improve not only the felt but also our service.  Thanks for the support.

A reminder:

What size should I get?  The bed cloth should be at least 2-3 inches longer than your table slate in both length and width for easier installation. Otherwise, you should go with next size up cloth. Here’s the table slate size reference:
7′ Pool Table slate: 43″ x 83″
8′ Pool Table slate: 51″ x 95″ or 48″ x 91″
8′ Oversize Pool table slate: 53″ x 99″
9′ Pool Table slate: 57″ x 107″
However, there are many other different sizes of slate. If you are not sure what you should be getting, please let us know.

CPBA Pro Grade cloth: Top of the line. Made for advanced or Pro players. Generally used in tournament games.  Recommend for all level players.  This is the best pro cloth you can get.  Why spend $3-400 for the same result?  Do not let the poor felt limit your skills to growth.

Playing surface: Two sides of the cloth are different.  The playing surface feels much smoother without fuzz.

Stretch index: Stretch about 1″-1.5″ in width and 2″-2.5″ in length will give the best result.

Installation made easy: We know things happen.  We actually give a few more inches in both length and width just in case of any need during the installation. Now the customers will have more than enough cloth to cover the table and finish the refelt project.

Appreciation for your support:  We are a small family business starting in 1998.  We might not be able to sell as many as others, but we prefer to take a good care of every customer.  If you like our quality felt and service, don’t forget to review our product and share with other customers.  We read these reviews as you do, so we can provide the better felt and service.   And, please stay safe beat the virus.


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 4 cm

7 ft, 8 ft, 8 ft oversize, 9 ft


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