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Moori Pool Cue Tip





Remember the legendary Moori Tips?

This is it! The real one is here!

Moori Tips became known as being the best of the best back in the early 2000s.

However, all of a sudden, many players noticed the quality of Moori Tips were no longer the same. Many imposters flooded the market illegally using the Moori name, but they were not authentic. Mr. Moori took a long break due to a health condition, but now he is back and ready to fight those fake tips and reestablish his well-deserved reputation!


How do I know if my Moori Tip is genuine?

Every official Moori Tip that we sell will have its own unique QR code located at the back of the packaging. Scratch it and scan it with your smartphone. You will see a statement of rights and a date showing when was the first time this QR code has been scanned. The date of the first scan will always remain the same. This will guarantee that the tip is authentic and unused.


Legendary Performance:

Moori Regular Series comes with 9 layers in 4 different hardness options:

Super Soft (SST), Soft (S), Medium (M), and Quick (Q), all based on international hardness standards. Super Soft (SST) is actually designed for professional players who are used to soft tips and in need of longer contact time with the cue ball. This creates even more spins and speed. Miscues stop right here! But best of all, Moori TIps will last at least twice as long as other pro tips.  Jewel Series are specially designed for Pro players.  Jewel series increase stronger grip on the ball, allows players to spin the cue ball smoothly and strongly.  In addition, the hardness of the leather has been greatly enhanced.  Therefore, the durability has been increased significantly.  The consistent high performance will also last much longer than any other Pro tips.  Play like you mean it!


Supreme Quality Inside and Out:

Mr. Moori insists on using Vegetable Tanned Leather for each single layer. And every piece of leather is personally handpicked by Mr. Moori himself. He even formulated his own unique types of glue for each of the different hardness levels. Moori Tips are composed of high density leather with fine consistent fibers. That’s the secret to why they can last at least two times longer than other professional tips while also maintaining good performance to the end. Say goodbye to glazing or turning hard tips. All of these special features work to make a perfect tip so you can play with confidence and enjoy your game!


Satisfaction Guarantee:

We have adopted new modern machinery to bring our quality control to a whole other level. Every tip is inspected by Mr. Moori himself. If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied.  It’s our commitment and your guarantee!

In order to deliver the best product value to every customer.  Moori group had MAP (minimum advertised price) set up for all Moori products in U.S. market.  All our authorized partners will follow the MAP police.  If you see any different prices elsewhere, they are most likely not genuine.

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Regular Series 14mm Soft(S), Regular Series 14mm Medium(M), Regular Series 14mm Quick(Q), Tournament Series 14mm Super Soft(SST), Jewel Series 14mm Coral Soft(S), Jewel Series 14mm Garnet Medium Soft(MS), Jewel Series 14mm Garnet Medium Hard(MH), Jewel Series 14mm Garnet Hard(H)


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